Manfred Suter, Chairman of the Board of directors

Founder and Board member of REAL MGT AG, (“REAL”).

Manfred Suter has over 15 years of experience in real estate management and is vice-president of the Swiss Landlords Association (Schweizerischer Hauseigentümerverband HEV), Section Albis.

Before Manfred was tax consultant for the Swiss government, PWC and Coutts & Co and has 10 years of experience in international management.

2008 Manfred Suter earned a Master of Real Estate Management and has a degree in Business Economy and Business Administration of the Zurich University of Applied Science. Manfred Suter speaks fluently German and English.

Floriane Bopp, Assistance

Floriane Bopp has been working for Real MGT AG as an Assistant Management & Real Estate Management since March 2016. Concurrent she is studying at the Zurich University for Applied Science and is going to graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) ZFH in Business Administration in Summer 2017.

From 2012 to 2016 Floriane worked as an Assistant of the GCO and the Board of Directors for a well-known Swiss Hotelgroup. With the qualification Administrator Real Estate Management KS/HEV in 2015 she earned knowledge in real estate management and from 2009 – 2013 she completed the Handelsmittelschule PLUS (business school) with a professional certification at Kantonsschule Hottingen in Zurich, Switzerland.